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I'm doing research into the best way to stream live video in a webapp (multiple user created streams). So far it looks like using AWS CloudFront to distribute the video to flash clients would be fairly straightforward, but I haven't found much documentation on publishing the video.

Ideally, the publishing interface would be similar to JustinTV or Ustream, in that a simple Flash app would capture the video from a webcam and stream it somewhere. Does anyone know if this is possible with CloudFront? If so, does anyone have a link to some documentation or a tutorial? Amazon's own docs only seem to cover streaming of an already existing video file.


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As of today, it doesn't look like Cloudfront supports live streaming. From their website:

"Q. Does Amazon CloudFront support live streaming? Not at this point, but we intend to add this capability in the future. Many customers already use Amazon EC2 to stream live content."


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Live Streaming has recently be announced. More information here:


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