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I have this markup:

#widget1 {

<div class="widget" id="widget1">
    <object data="foo.svg" type="image/svg+xml" />

I managed to make the <object> element fill up the outer <div>, but the inner foo.svg file has its own ideas how big it is. I need foo.svg (which consists of an <svg> element, of course) to be the same size as <object> and <div>.

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This is answered (with examples) in the svg primer.

tl;dr summary:

  • remove 'width' and 'height' attributes on the svg root, and add a 'viewBox' attribute with the value "0 0 w h", where w and h are the absolute values usually found in the width and height attributes (note that percentages and other units aren't allowed in the viewBox attribute)
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