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A have a bunch of controllers w/ the Admin namespace. I want to restrict access to these unless the user is an admin. Is there a way to do this using CanCan without having to call unautorized! in every method of every controller?

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Add an application controller to your namespace and a before filter to it.

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base

class Admin::ApplicationController < ApplicationController 
  # these goes in your namespace admin folder
  before_filter :check_authorized

  def check_authorized
    redirect_to root_path unless can? :admin, :all

class SomeadminController < Admin::ApplicationController
   def some_action
     # do_stuff
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The Admin Namespaces wiki page for CanCan lists out several solutions to this problem.

  • As @mark suggested, have a base controller for admins which checks authorization for every action.
    • You may not need to use CanCan at all for this if all you require is to check that users have an admin flag.
  • For handling admins differently from each other (as opposed to differently from regular users only), consider a separate AdminAbility class (this is a little off-topic, but could prove relevant).
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now rails_admin has full support with Cancan, you can find it in its official website, there is a wiki page for this topic:

Rails Admin's authorization with CanCan:

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Did he mention rails_admin? – Daniel Bang Feb 16 '14 at 2:04
yes you are right, he didn't mention rails_admin. I don't suggest using rails_admin since it's no so good as I thought. – Siwei Shen Feb 17 '14 at 0:29

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