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what is the best way for this SQL?


update tableName set 
FieldA = (if FieldA = 1301 then null else FieldA endif), 
FieldB = (if FieldB = 1301 then null else FieldB endif)
where Id = 707;



update tableName set FieldA = null where Id= 707 and FieldA = 1301;
update tableName set FieldB = null where Id= 707 and FieldB = 1301;

In Model "A" I only have one SQL that works and solves the problem, and model "B" I have two SQL's, that do the same thing as the "A" model but more readable.

What would be the most appropriate model to use?

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I suppose that A solution is better because:

1 less logical IO - better performance

2 less program code, less errors

3 ease to support and maintain

4 this update is pretty readable

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I wonder whther the first option A) could not trigger update triggers even when FieldA<>1301; or even an update IO. I mean, will the engine know that update set FieldA=FieldA would be a NOP? –  pascal Jan 24 '11 at 13:01
I think that server performs IO operations in this case, but it is a fast inplace update. –  kolchanov Jan 24 '11 at 17:38

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