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Using lift-json I have a Field object which renders its own Json:

field.json => JsonAST.render(("id" -> id) ~ ("name" -> name))

Now I would like to combine the results with another Json String but doing this results in all Field-values being escaped as the parser parses already-rendered Json:

JsonAST.render("combined" -> ("other-stuff" ~ getOtherStuff) ~ ("fields" -> field.json))

How can I merge those fields without one part being string-escaped?

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It is better to keep those snippets in AST format and render only at the end.

val json: JValue  = ("id" -> id) ~ ("name" -> name)
val other: JValue = ("foo" -> foo) ~ ("bar" -> bar)

render("combined" -> ("other-stuff" -> other) ~ ("fields" -> json))
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