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I have a problem, my query isn't working properly

SELECT * FROM a LEFT JOIN b on a.eid = b.id LEFT JOIN c ON a.cid = c.id WHERE DAYOFYEAR(a.start) BETWEEN :startdate_day_of_year AND :enddate_day_of_year AND :year BETWEEN a.start AND a.end

:startdate_day_of_year and :enddate_day_of_year are passed from the user input... 1-365 :year is passed from the user input...2011

The problem is that an event can recur every year (ie: event started in 2008 and goes through 2012). It has to display the event every year...

When I've added table c to the mix i started getting limited results... if i replaced the where part with the fixed dates instead of dayofyear and year it started working the way it should... but then i cannot get the recurring events.

Thannk you! BR

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Recurring events are rather different from non-recurring events. If recurring events had e.g. year of beginning and year of end, I'd have a separate table for recurring events.

Else, I'd have a Boolean column is_yearly_event and would only check year if it is not set: ...AND (a.is_yearly_event != 0 OR :year BETWEEN a.start AND a.end)

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Hi, that's not an option... the tables are as they are... –  Mission Jan 20 '11 at 9:44
Well, how do you tell recurring events from one-time events then? –  9000 Jan 20 '11 at 12:49

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