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For purposes of learning I have created an application which returns a computed output with HTTP protocol. To test that i'm calling in a web browser (IE, FF, Chrome) host with a port: This works on all of the web browsers that were listed earlier. Now i wanted to change the protocol handler to make my application more complex. So I have added a .reg with information about my 'unique' protocol called ProtocolDemoTest. Now when I want to run my application with following URL: ProtocolDemoTest:// I'm getting positive results only on IE and FF, but it seems to somehow fail on Chrome. I have searched a little and only found this which I find not exactly as i imagined. I want it to work on IE, FF, Chrome with only adding some data into the registry. Can you help me find an actual way to do this in ALL web browsers?

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Support for registerProtocolHandler has now landed in Chrome 13 - for more information.

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The API you're looking for is this one:

Though available in Chrome, the call doesn't do anything. This issue tracked here:

Implementation is underway. See this bug:

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