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It seems that I am always fighting with UIAlertView to make it do what I want. I'm done fighting - are there any robust UIAlertView replacements with the following features, or will I need to write my own?:

  • ability to customize the alert-view size/position
  • ability to change the layout of the buttons (stacked vs. side-by-side)
  • ability to prompt users for input via UITextField or UITextView
  • resizing / repositioning behavior when the keyboard appears
  • ability to have a UITextView for scrolling text
  • pixel-perfect copy of UIAlertView for basic display
  • ideally interface compatible with UIAlertView - i.e. it is a drop-in-replacement.

I've found a few blog and stackoverflow posts which implement customizations on a UIAlertView - this is NOT what I want. Nor do I want a guide on how to implement a custom AlertView -- I know how, I just want to find one that is already community maintained. I want a ground-up replacement that is safe for App Store submission and future-proof against UIAlertView changes (yes, I've been burnt...)

Please respond with comments if you have suggestions for other desirable features.

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@skaffman - how come you removed the iphone-ui tag? – TomSwift Jan 20 '11 at 15:37
Perhaps because it's not really a tag that's used at all (0 questions) and so it wouldn't add anything? – Andrew Barber Jan 20 '11 at 15:49
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Answering my own question.

I searched high and low for a prefab UIAlertView project that offered the features I was looking for. I'm sure they exist -- I've seen apps with great alerts. Their authors must not be sharing - which is totally fine, I understand.

So I wrote my own. TSAlertView is a ground-up implementation of a modal alert view that is interface-compatible with UIAlertView. In terms of visual look, while it is not a pixel-perfect copy, it comes very close. The features it offers are basically what I outlined in the original question:

  • ability to set the display-width and max-height of the alert view. This allows me to have nicer looking alerts on iPad.

  • ability to specify the layout of the buttons (stacked vs. side-by-side), even if there are only two buttons. This always bothered me with UIAlertView -- if I had two buttons they were always placed side-by-side. A big problem if the button text didn't fit.

  • ability to prompt users for input via a UITextField. Once in a while you just need a quick and dirty way to prompt the user to enter something.

  • resizing / repositioning behavior when the keyboard appears. (happens when prompting for user-input)

  • ability to have a UITextView for scrolling text. Can explicitly set this option instead of relying on UIAlertView to swap in a UITextView for long text.

  • near pixel-perfect copy of UIAlertView for basic display.

  • support for custom backgrounds

  • is interface compatible with UIAlertView - i.e. it is a drop-in-replacement.

I've used a handful of great open-source projects in my code in the last year. My two favorites are MBProgressHUD and MGSplitViewController, each hosted at github. I decided to share TSAlertView in the same manner.

The initial implementation surely has some bugs. I haven't used it in a shipping project yet, but I am using it in my current project to be completed in a few weeks. If you want to try using it yourself, please feel free. Post any issues on github, or better yet, submit a fix.


Here are some screenshots showing 1) 2 stacked buttons 2) input capability 3) explicit width setting

showing 2 stacked buttons here showing input capability showing wide-layout

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Hey TomSwift,Thank you for that great project. I was about to start such a project until I came over your TSAlertView. Really cool. I'm now using it in one of my apps. ;-) – Sandro Meier Feb 7 '11 at 17:40
This is amazing. Thank you for an excellent and easy-to-use open-source replacement for something that's harder than it needs to be in iOS. – buildsucceeded Dec 4 '11 at 13:26

Check out Smart Alert View, it's open-source.

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thanks for the link. I got scared of this one when I scanned the code and found this: - (void) ResizeAlertView: (UIAlertView *) alertView { CGFloat height = view_.frame.size.height + 110; alertView.frame = CGRectMake(15.0f, (460-height)/2 ,300.0f, height); } – TomSwift Jan 19 '11 at 18:13
also, my preference is for something not derived from UIAlertView. – TomSwift Jan 19 '11 at 18:14
You are going to either have to build your own implementation of a UIAlertView (which is more af a nightmare than customizing one), or just customize one, it's not as difficult as you would expect. – WrightsCS Jan 19 '11 at 18:17
i disagree that, given my parameters, writing one from scratch is more difficult than customizing UIAlertView in a future-proof way. – TomSwift Jan 19 '11 at 18:20
which is basically what I said. – WrightsCS Jan 19 '11 at 18:23

Check my own Alert view replacement - get app here. Good luck

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