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Problem in short: I want to set conditions on an associated model. How do I do it?

I'm having a problem with the associations in my CakePHP application.

The associations looks like this:

Event has many EventSum belongs to Account has many AccountUser belongs to User
Event has many EventDebt ... (the rest is the same as above)
Event also belongs to User

The application is a private econonmy program in PHP and uses the CakePHP framework.

An Event is a financial event, a purchase, transaction between accounts etc. It only holds information about date, title and user.

An EventSum holds information about an Account and how much to debit or credit (in one column, just positive or negative).

Account holds information about title of the account.

AccountUser holds an id of an Account and a User. This indicates that

So, now I want to fetch Events based on what accounts a User is associated to. How can I do this?

I want to fetch the following info: Event, together with the EventSum. The Events are fetched from Accounts where the User has access.

Thanks for any help, /Magnus

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It seems like you want to be able to query your Event class with the following conditions:

'Account.user_id =' => $userId

Is my assumption correct?

When doing queries which require conditions on associated models, you can use either the Containable behaviour (comes with CakePHP 1.3) or the 'Linkable' behaviour (which can be found here).

What happens when you try this (be sure to attach the Containable behaviour to your models first):

$condition = array('Account.user_id =' => $userId);
$contain = array('EventSum' => array('Account'), 'EventDebt' => array('Account'));
$result = $this->Event->find('all', compact('condition', 'contain'));

Note that you might experience issues when 'containing' both EventSum and EventDebt if both of their associations to Account use the same alias name.

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Sorry for the late answer, but I solved it on my own with Containable behavior. Therefor your answer has been marked as correct. Thanks for your reply. –  Magnus Jul 4 '11 at 19:37

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