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I need to build a distributed system which relies on replication of large files between the sites.

I thought of using p2p technology like bittorrent to save on bandwidth, and increase reliability.

Am I terribly wrong?

Have anyone ever architected such a solution?

What libraries do you recommend?

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A new promising solution from the developers of BitTorrent: BitTorrent Sync.

It has the following features:

  • Unlimited and free!
  • Currently supports Windows, Mac and Linux. Mobile platforms are in the works.
  • Specifically designed to handle large files.
  • Private and secure: all traffic is encrypted.
  • Peer discovery protocols.
  • Supports traffic relay for disconnected nodes.
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I just found this open-source project from Twitter which hits the nail perfectly:

From the docs:

Murder is a method of using Bittorrent to distribute files to a large amount of servers within a production environment. This allows for scaleable and fast deploys in environments of hundreds to tens of thousands of servers where centralized distribution systems wouldn't otherwise function. A "Murder" is normally used to refer to a flock of crows, which in this case applies to a bunch of servers doing something.

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If you have more than 2 sites, then p2p is better solution IMHO.

Just install rtorrent, deluge or any other high-performance torrent client at every site. Than you can distribute only .torrent files with scp/sftp and enjoy.

In order to secure the content from third party torrent clients, set the private flag when producing the .torrent file and use your own tracker. opentracker is a good choice.

One more hint: if your torrent client supports super seeding mode (aka BEP-16 or initial seeding), enable it. It'll help distribute the content with minimum duplication between nodes.

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