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Does anyone know good current (.Net 2.0 3.0 or 3.5) basic documentation, books or urls that document the basics of how to program this in VB.Net or C#. Thanks Roy Cotton

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Personally the best place to start is with the MMC 3.0 SDK information from Microsoft. Code examples and more are available here.

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There's not much out there. I've created a commercial MMC 3.0 snapin, so I finally have some experience under my belt. Mitchel pointed the best resources so far. I have answers to several MMC 3.0 stumbling blocks on my company's blog.

There were a few gems in the microsoft mmc newsgroup, but there's also a lot of fluff and spam in there.

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I finally succeeded in building my own MMC .NET snap-in after dissecting the DinnerNow Sample Application

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