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I am using Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.0.1 and I am getting a weird issues with YAML. Here is my YAML file:

:main_ingredients: &ingredients
  - Beans 
  - Beef 
  - Cheese 
  - Chocolate 
  - Dairy 
  - Eggs 
  - Fish 
  - Fruits 
  - Game 
  - Lamb 
  - Nuts 
  - Pasta 
  - Pork 
  - Poultry 
  - Rice/Grains 
  - Shellfish 
  - Tofu/Soy 
  - Vegetables 

<<: *ingredients

Here is what I am seeing in the console:

> hash = YAML.load("config/tags_constants.yml"))
> hash["excluded_ingredients"]
 => {#<Syck::MergeKey:0x00000101b379d0>=>["Beans", "Beef", "Cheese", "Chocolate", "Dairy", "Eggs", "Fish", "Fruits", "Game", "Lamb", "Nuts", "Pasta", "Pork", "Poultry", "Rice/Grains", "Shellfish", "Tofu/Soy"]} 

How do I get YAML to merge the values without adding these weird Syck::MergeKey objects?

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If answers to your previous questions have solved your question, you may want to "accept" them by clicking on the tick mark next to them. – Andrew Grimm Apr 10 '11 at 23:03

Try the following:

client: &client
  - Brad
  - Angelina
  :requests: 1
    :session: "something"
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