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I am working on custom instruction selection algorithms for fgpas softcore, and I need some C code to test my system.

My requirement are:

  • Oriented toward heavy number crunching : numerical/multimedia/signal_processing
  • Written in C (prefered) or C++ (or anything llvm can compile)
  • Platform agnostic (no inline assembly etc...)

I have found Mibench 1 and 2 , but it seems a bit outdated.

Does anyone have any other links?


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Maybe you could adapt something from CPU2006's FP components. From http://www.spec.org/cpu2006/Docs/:

410.bwaves  Fortran Fluid Dynamics
416.gamess  Fortran Quantum Chemistry
433.milc    C   Physics: Quantum Chromodynamics
434.zeusmp  Fortran Physics / CFD
435.gromacs C/Fortran   Biochemistry/Molecular Dynamics
436.cactusADM   C/Fortran   Physics / General Relativity
437.leslie3d    Fortran Fluid Dynamics
444.namd    C++ Biology / Molecular Dynamics
447.dealII  C++ Finite Element Analysis
450.soplex  C++ Linear Programming, Optimization
453.povray  C++ Image Ray-tracing
454.calculix    C/Fortran   Structural Mechanics
459.GemsFDTD    Fortran Computational Electromagnetics
465.tonto   Fortran Quantum Chemistry
470.lbm C   Fluid Dynamics
481.wrf C/Fortran   Weather Prediction
482.sphinx3 C   Speech recognition

Some of these take a huge amount of RAM. You might have to modify the working set, but the good news is source is available.

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