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I have a custom TraceListener and two threads. Trace messages only come through from the first thread and the second thread's Trace.Write() messages do not come through. I've tried using a single, global TraceListener that both threads have access to, but the second thread still does not produce any output.

How do I implement this so that both threads write to the same Trace output? If the trace listener utilizes locking appropriately, is it possible to do?

void Initialize()
    Trace.Write("test?"); // this produces output
    var start = new ThreadStart(Run);
    var thread = new Thread(start);

void Run()
      Trace.Write("hello from second thread"); // this does not produce anything
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Call Trace.Flush(); after thread.Start(); or inside Run(); and you'll see the output.

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Also adding Trace.AutoFlush = true also works out well.

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