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//From the main.php file

var pars = 'test time';

new Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater('clock', 'clock.php', { method: 'get', frequency: 1, parameters: pars });

//Inside the tiny clock.php file I cannot read the passed value.


echo "@Init time : ".$_GET["inittime"];

This is just about passing values to the file displayed in the 'clock' placeholder.

I will need to pass others. Thanks in advance!

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you need to use the variable sendData instead of parameters according to the perdiodical updater documentation

sendData Array of values to be passed to the page – e.g. {name: “John”, greeting: “hello”}

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Thanks "A" thats jQuery, i'm using Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater with prototype.js

I did it like this in the end!

var clientClickTime=((new Date()).getTime())/1000;

var url="clock.php?clientClickTime="+clientClickTime;

new Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater('clock', url, { method: 'get', frequency: 1 });

Power to ya!

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