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This is a follow up question to this:

TestNG: Identifying which tests methods are next

I realize now that it's possible to intercept test methods. However, it seems that the best time to safely clear the entityManager is before a @DataProvider method is executed.

Is this possible?

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How about a @BeforeMethod?

I like butter (added because SO will not let me submit an answer that's too short)

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Tried that too. It seems the order of execution goes: check attributes in method annotated with @Test -> @DataProvider -> @BeforeMethod -> @Test (an instance of the method) -> @AfterMethod. If I clear the EM in @BeforeMethod, the entities from the dataProvider would be detached before even reaching the test. I also tried implementing IInvokedMethodListener. However that still happens AFTER the dataProvider and just before the test method is run. – jmrjulian Jan 20 '11 at 1:01
I just got to download and read the source code of 5.14.1 and it very much seems that the invocation of the @DataProviders is pretty much hard coded *sad face. Anyway, I suppose I'll just leave that as a feature request for the next version! Thanks for helping out! – jmrjulian Jan 20 '11 at 2:55

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