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I am looking for a tool that is similar to Selenium, in that it should allow me to record all my interactions with a website and then allow for the actions to be played back with assertions applied to each step.

I need the tool to work in Internet Explorer (Selenium IDE works only in Firefox and the WebApp that I am working with does not render correctly in FireFox - its an internal business app built with Asp.Net).

My intention is to record a bunch of scripts and then run them automatically as UI tests.

I have tried Visual Studio 2010's Web Test functionality. But VS is too expensive for me to be able to get all the testers a separate license.

Best case: A tool that integrates into IE and generates Selenium scripts that can then be played back. Acceptable case: any other tool that works just as well as Selenium.

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you could always try SWAT (Simple Web Automation Toolkit) the setup for IE is minimal.

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Tried out SWAT and although it has the features that I am looking for, for some reason it got confused on some pages and could not perform correct postbacks with hidden fields. – Raj Rao Jan 24 '11 at 18:38

Other options you might consider are iOpus iMacros, and WatiN.

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