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The Xcode templates for the creation of core data apps start a new blank sqlite file when the app is started the first time. But suppose I have a database already created that I need to include in the bundle, so, when the app starts the first time it already starts with a populated database.

How should I proceed. Ok, I know that I cannot write the database in the bundle, so I have to copy it to the document's directory. I see this is where the sqlite database created by the app itself is already on. So, that's it? I just overwrite the original file with the one in the bundle at the end of my RootViewController's viewDidLoad method?

If this is the way to go, then I need to build a control method that does that just the first time, right?

It must be a simpler way...

Any ideas?


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You're on the right track with copying the .sqlite file from the application bundle to the documents directory. I used the approach outlined very thoroughly in this blog post by Jeff LaMarche. It deals specifically with providing staring data to an iPhone application, and it worked like a charm in my app.

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That's it! Thanks. But all I needed was the second part of the article, where he modifies the delegate! Thanks!!!!! –  SpaceDog Jan 19 '11 at 22:33
Yeah, it sounded like you already had the .sqlite file set up, but I figure too much info was better than to little =) –  Matt Wilding Jan 19 '11 at 22:38

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