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I'd like to create a process that runs in the background of my pylons environment, unbound to client requests, with access to the pylons app_globals object. The general purpose of the process is to check client sessions for expiration and perform some post-expiration analysis.

Is this possible? I've tried creating a thread in the config/ file but when I try to access properties of app_globals I get the following error:

TypeError: No object (name: app_globals) has been registered for this thread

Thanks in advance,

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The object you are trying to access is StackedObjectProxy registered by pylons for every request, for the serving thread.

If you only intend to read it, it is safe to use the one in config:

config.get('pylons.app_globals') or config.get('pylons.g')
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This worked for me (pylons 0.9.7), but pylons.app_globals._push_object(config['pylons.app_globals']) did not. Perhaps I was using it incorrectly. –  Hollister Oct 29 '12 at 3:38
My solution for newer version of Pylons. –  stalkerg Jun 3 at 6:24

You need register app_globals (in pylons app_globals registerd per request):

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This worked for me, fyi. The accepted answer did not. Thanks. –  cookiecaper Sep 21 '11 at 18:27

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