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If I define a cron in App Engine to execute "every 10 minutes" - does that mean:


  • "every 10 minutes per app instance (i.e. load dependent)"


  • "every 10 minutes globally across all instances of the application" (i.e. load independent)?
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A large part of the point of App Engine is that you don't have to care a great deal about instances, or how many your app runs on. –  Nick Johnson Jan 20 '11 at 0:56
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2 Answers

Load independent. Cron just chooses a random idle instance to send the request to.

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It is once globally every 10 minutes. Note that the interval refers to the time between jobs. So job 2 will start 10 minutes after job 1 finishes. This might be important if your job is long-running (e.g., if it takes 5 minutes to run, then it will actually start every 15 minutes if you specify "every 10 minutes").

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