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I decided to learn developing for iphone/ipad and right now I'm still at the beginning. I do have a programming background (quit a lot of max/msp/jitter and in the old day's: turbo pascal, basic and a tiny bit of c). I finished the book "objective-c for absolute beginners" and I'm studying "beginning iphone 3 development" right now. I understand everything quite well, apart from a few details, but I still have to practice a lot before I get the hang of it. But, I'm willing to spend a lot of time as I already did.

I would like to develop, beside some more practical apps, multimedia rich and creative apps, for instance some original games, all mostly in 2d. But right now I have a hard time deciding to spend my time learning quartz, opengl es and core audio; or to spend my time learning third-party frameworks. Since I work alone I thought it would be wise to start with other frameworks, I guess you have much faster result in developing stage, and also, the learning curve is much better...but on the other hand, I'm afraid the creative possibilities won't be enough or it pushes you too much in a direction creatively (which isn't a bad thing necessary, as long as it's a fertile soil for originality, but that might not be the case), it won't be fast enough and you will run in trouble because of compatibility issues, during your learning/developing time. (It would be practical to tell you what I want to make exactly, but I don't want to just dump my idea's on the net because I try to work more in the originality category, but yes (for the most ambitious idea's): lot's of sprites, drawing basic stuff like lines, animations, effects, and multiple layers of sound at the same time all in sync as in a sequencer) Also, I'm a bit afraid of spending a lot of time learning something and then discover I better learn something else and never use it again.

But maybe some of you will tell me: learning quartz/opengl es/core audio is useful anyway so start with that, or the other way around. Maybe it's better to start with something more simple to get faster result, and later spend time on learning the real hardcore thing, but then the question: which third-party framework...What I also never understood: could I use a third-party framework to draw some sprites and then draw some lines and circles on it with quartz on top of it in the same view for example?

I looked at the following frameworks: sparrow: got trough the first part of the documentation and found out it was a bit too simple...also, it looks like it pushes you in a certain creative direction like Flash does and I don't like that.

cocos2d looks more interesting. openframeworks also looks nice and creative, but wasn't convinced about performance and it also seems that people have problems with the resolution of the iphone4. STK sounds good, also because I'm an electronic composer and would like to make some more complex audio processing apps in the feature. Also: core audio seems to be very difficult, as most people say and there are not any books about it yet. So this is one thing I'm quite certain about right now: use a framework like cocos2d or openframeworks for simple sound and use STK or maybe something else later on.

I hope I'm clear enough like this, thanks for any help in advance!

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If your primary goal is to develop 2d games, learning cocos2d is a good idea as it is the most popular and useful framework available, but only after you have a firm grasp on Objective-C and Cocoa Touch (iOS). –  Jesse Naugher Jan 19 '11 at 22:22

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Really grasping iOS development and all it's intricate details definately takes time and some serious effort - But as tyou mention yourself, choosing a thirdparty framework can speed up the process in some areas.

For 2D games your best bet is definately cocos2d - It's by far the most popular framework and you can find a lot of articles and resources about it.

But don't forget that you need a firm grasp of iOS development in general and especially memory handling for games.

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