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If there is a checkBox and a TextBox which have the same FieldName. The Acrofields will use the FieldName as a Key.

How can I send appropriate value to different field? (true, false to CheckBox and text to TextBox)

The code below only works if there is no duplicate FieldName for different type of field

        PdfReader pdfReader = new PdfReader(this._pdfInputPath);  
        AcroFields formFields = pdfReader.AcroFields;
        foreach (KeyValuePair<string, AcroFields.Item> kvp in formFields.Fields)
            AcroFields.Item acroFieldItem = kvp.Value as AcroFields.Item;
            //TextField :4
            //CheckBox :2
            //RadioButton :3
            //ComboBox :6
            //ListBox :5
            //Button :1
            int fileType = formFields.GetFieldType(kvp.Key);
            string translatedFileName = formFields.GetTranslatedFieldName(kvp.Key);


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In PDF, if two fields share a name, they share a value. Period.

How did you even come by a form with two different field TYPES sharing the same name? Acrobat won't let you. iText probably isn't retentive enough to prevent it.

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