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Here's my setup. I have the following BusinessObject classes

InheritClassA : BaseClass
InheritClassB : BaseClass
InheritClassC : BaseClass

I also have the following dictionary

Dictionary<classType is a String, ObservableCollection<BaseClass>>

I want to be able to, in my converter, base on the type of object I select, return the proper ObservableCollection so I can bind it to my datagrid, and autoGenerateColumn on so I can view all my properties on the grid.

However, when i just retrieve my collection back as BaseClass, it only shows me the columns for the base class. I think this is because the Type for the ObservableCollection is type of baseClass and not specific to InheritClassA/InheritClassB/InheritClassC

Is there a way to dynamically create a ObservableCollection's Type? So I can create ObservableCollection and assign casted values into it?

Is there a proper way to bind it to my datagrid so I can view the properties for the inherit class?

Thanks very much ,

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Create a dictionary that has as the value-type an Object and not a BaseClass. Then you can add the concrete ObservableCollection<InheritClass[A,B,C]> and the binding will work like you expect:

Dictionary<classType is a String, ObservableCollection<object>> 

If you want to be more restrictive, declare it as Dictionary<string,IEnumerable>

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