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In the HIG's example of how to use disclosure triangles, it shows a label directly to the right of the triangle.

However, when I throw one of these onto my view in Interface Builder, the text is centered on top of the triangle. I've searched the NSButton API docs, and poked at everything I can find in IB, but nothing I try will put the text to the right of the triangle. What am I missing?

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What I generally do is use 2 buttons: one disclosure button and another button for the label:

alt text

While you can use a text field for the label, I prefer using a button and setting the button to call performClick: on the disclosure triangle. This makes for a much larger target area to be able to click on than a tiny triangle. (Users with trackpads will thank you).

To set up the button, change it so it looks like this:

alt text

Then set its action:

alt text

I'm not sure if there's an actual way to get the button to show both properly (without subclassing I mean), since I've generally just used separate items to give the effect. (I just checked and there is indeed a Carbon disclosure control that has both the triangle and the label built-in).

The Carbon control has the right idea where clicking on the label will automatically trigger the control. In some places (notably the re-written Cocoa Finder), you can see that you don't get that behavior for free (unless you use a button like I've shown). I still have an open bug on that one (rdar://6828042): BugID 6828042: 10.6 (10A335) Finder: Inspector's disclsr. triangle's text label not toggleable". ;-)

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You are full of WIN, sir. –  jensck Jan 20 '11 at 16:50

Have you tried just using a triangle and using a separate label?

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Yeah, I could do that, but clicking the label wouldn't expand the triangle. Doing so works for radio buttons, and it should work for this, too. –  jensck Jan 20 '11 at 1:43

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