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I'm using jquery .serializeArray() to get all the <input> in a <form>. I'm putting the Json object that comes out of .serializeArray() into jquery .data()

How do I find the data I want out of the Json object?

Jquery getJson() needs a url but I'm I already have the Json Object.

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What's your code look like? –  Lance Jan 20 '11 at 0:09

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The serializeArray()(docs) method doesn't create JSON data. It creates an Array of Objects, each of which has a name and a value property.

How you get the data out depends on what you need. For direct access to a particular item, you access it like you would with any other Array and Object.


This gets the value of the second item in the Array.

If you needed to iterate over them, you could use jQuery.each()(docs)

$.each( myData, function() {
    var name = this.name;  // the name property in the current iteration
    var value = this.value;  // the value property in the current iteration

    console.log( name, value );
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