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@stallone = Factory :user, :name => 'Sylvester', :age => 64
@schwarzenegger = Factory :user, :name => 'Arnold', :age => 63

Some magic...


@stallone       = Factory :user, :name => 'Sylvester', :age => 64
@schwarzenegger = Factory :user, :name => 'Arnold',    :age => 63

How to make such alignment with tabular plugin for VIM?

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Actually, I know how to make it in two commands :Tab / = /l0 and :Tab / :/l0. But do you know how to do this with one command? And more interesting - how to do this automatically? – cutalion Jan 20 '11 at 0:43
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I don't know Tabular (looks pretty neat), but it seems cutalion has the solution.

Just map that to something:

map <Leader>a :Tab / = /l0<CR>:Tab / :/l0<CR>

If you needed to do some selectiong, add gv (reselect last selection) as appropriate.

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