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There is a mail processing script on that processes emails sent to addresses like:

The mail server has a catch-all for and processes the email into the appropriate account.

For users who have setup up a forwarding rule from another email address I'm having trouble finding the right header to check for the account. For example if the user with account1234 has a gmail rule that forwards certain emails sent to to then the processing script will find in the To: header and in the Delivered-To: header.

Is that Delivered-To: header guaranteed to be there or is this specific to the mail server doing the forwarding?

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Unfortunately, it's specific to the host doing the forwarding. And it's not even there for your benefit -- it's there to allow the forwarding server to detect and break mail loops. (For instance, forwards to, which forwards back to Various servers use different header fields for this purpose, and there is no formal standard.

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