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I will be creating an intranet site with multiple roles (client-employee, client-admin, staff team member). Each role will have a model that attaches (via One-to-One or ForeignKey field) to a user with custom fields. I want each role to have it's own set of permissions (like a group).

How can I store this permissions set inside my application. Groups seem to be defined as part of the contrib.admin app rather than in code. I couldn't find anything in documentation on how to define a group.

What is the best way to handle model level permissions. Maybe I could do a check in the model if see if the user has the right role-model.

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Access control lists are tricky (some say dead), but Django comes with a good default implementation in contrib.auth equipped with:

  • Users
  • Permissions: Binary (yes/no) flags designating whether a user may perform a certain task.
  • Groups: A generic way of applying labels and permissions to more than one user.

A more detailed introduction can be found here:

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Funny, I watched that video yesterday. I guess what I am looking for is that every 'client' user is added to the 'client' group when they are created. That would need to use a signals post_save hook on the user class correct? –  Keyo Jan 20 '11 at 3:51

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