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On my page (root folder) I am opening a dialog with ajax loaded content (jQuery) taken from ~/ajax/WebPage.aspx?id=1. The content has an server control (a button). The problem is when I click on the button a postback happens, but instead of posting to ~/ajax/WebPage.aspx?id=1 it goes to ~/WebPage.aspx?id=1 which of course does not exist.

What is a fix, I don't want to move my ajax page to the root folder, because it may be called from multiple places.

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Set the Button.PostBackUrl Property to ~/ajax/WebPage.aspx?id=1

Edit Since you are using jQuery to load and not the UpdatePanel, use a HTML button and wire up the click event to a Javascript function that can use jQuery to do the server communication.

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okay, it is something, it works, but the problem is when I click on the button it does a full postback to the PostBackUrl address, even the button is inside an UpdatePanel. What I want is to submit a form without redirecting to another page (button inside the dialog should not reload or navigate away from the current page). – Maksim Vi. Jan 20 '11 at 19:18

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