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I have an expression which involves x1,x2,...,x100, I also have a list lst with 100 elements, how to apply the rule to this expression to achieve something like the following:



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 exp /.  Table[Symbol["x" <> ToString[i]] -> lst[[i]], {i, 1, 100}]  

So you don't need to write X1,X2, ... X100

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For very long replacement lists that are applied to complex formulas I recommend using Dispatch: – Timo Jan 20 '11 at 7:45
@Timo You are right, Dispatch optimizes a lot! Thanks for remembering that. – belisarius has settled Jan 20 '11 at 9:10

You can use Thread to apply the rules to each pair of expressions:

Thread[{a, b, c} -> {1, 2, 3}]
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It is much simpler and more convenient to solve such tasks using indexed variables instead of generation of a list of different Symbols. In this way:

listOfRules = Array[f@# :> list[[#]] &, {100}];

=> {f[1]:>list[[1]],f[2]:>list[[2]],f[3]:>list[[3]],f[4]:>list[[4]],

If you plan to make such replacement many times, it is worth to Dispatch large list of rules:

listOfRules = Dispatch@listOfRules;

The replacement can be made as usual:

expr /. listOfRules
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