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I have an Sport class defined as:

 - name
 - other fields

I have a test where I want to verify that adding the sport 'rugby' is contained in the list of sport_objects.

Currently, the test is brittle, checking the name of the object at the index I know it's at:

self.assertEquals('rugby', sports_objects[3].name)

I'd like to change this to self.assertIn() so the test isn't as brittle and won't be affected if the index changes (since I don't care about the order here).

Is there a way to change this (using a lambda function?) without relying on the index?


Both answers given work great. I have multiple assert statements, so my final solution is:

sports_names = [ for i in sports_objects]
self.assertIn('rugby', sports_names)
self.assertIn('baseball', sports_names)
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self.assertIn('rugby', [ for sport_object in sports_objects])
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Thanks! You were first. – Cuga Jan 20 '11 at 4:00

You can always do:

self.assertIn('rugby', ( for x in sports_objects))

or something like

import operator
op = operator.attrgetter("name")
self.assertIn('rugby', map(op, sport_objects))
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