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i managed to SAVE unicode data using jquery ajax call, but when i try to retrive back using jquery and ajax i cant pass array of unicode data using json_encode, the unicode data were changed to NULL

from my php page, this one give back the same data

echo $detailsArr;

in my jquery page

success: function(msg){

if i add json_encode, the result in my jquery call is NULL

echo $retVal;

in my jquery page

success: function(msg){
    var ajxGlobalData=eval("(" + jsonText + ")");


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Can you try utf8_encode like

echo utf8_encode($detailsArr);

More on utf8_encode here: PHP: utf8_encode - Manual

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thanks Anush, but $detailsArr='有自動設好了哦…'; was already correct to begin with, tried it anyway -- but still the return value to the jquery page is NULL, i was hoping for another way to send back ARRAY data back to the jquery page –  Aries Jan 20 '11 at 7:00

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