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I am just starting to learn ADF and I am tasked with examining how ADF's gantt chart works.

I have completed Oracle's tutorial of it, however I feel that all the tutorial teaches is how to use the tutorial.

Basically I am looking for a good tutorial to show how from an empty project:

create a collection of dummy data [ not from a database] attach a view to the data and ideally a chart, doesn't have to be a gantt but that would be a plus.

Thanks in advance

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If you are a partner or an employee, check out the Oracle University training titled Oracle ADF 11g Overview. Otherwise, there's a blog post JSF/ADF Faces for Dummies and another useful link.

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The tutorials and documentation is almost useless..

Oracle has an online demo of the dvt components here You can download the workspace for this demo here and examine how they do things. This helped me alot!

Take a look at oracle.dvtdemo.gantt.data.SampleModelFactory which creates a dummy datamodel for the Gantts.

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Oracle ADF is a complex technology, diving in trying to understand how the ADF's gantt chart work is very ambishious(that is only my opinion). I come from an Oracle forms environment and have found this tutorial very helpfull to help me understand how the whole framework fits together


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