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I have the following expression

(-1 + 1/p)^B/(-1 + (-1 + 1/p)^(A + B))

How can I multiply both the denominator and numberator by p^(A+B), i.e. to get rid of the denominators in both numerator and denominator? I tried varous Expand, Factor, Simplify etc. but none of them worked.


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If I understand you question, you may teach Mma some algebra:

r = {(k__ + Power[a_, b_]) Power[c_, b_] -> (k Power[c, b] + Power[a c, b]),
      p_^(a_ + b_) q_^a_ -> p^b ( q p)^(a),
      (a_ + b_) c_ -> (a c + b c)

and then define

s1 = ((-1 + 1/p)^B/(-1 + (-1 + 1/p)^(A + B)))

f[a_, c_] := (Numerator[a ] c //. r)/(Denominator[a ] c //. r)

So that

f[s1, p^(A + B)]  


((1 - p)^B*p^A)/((1 - p)^(A + B) - p^(A + B))  

alt text

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amazing! How did you come up with those rules? Why not other rules? –  Qiang Li Jan 22 '11 at 0:10
@Qiang I just did the transformation by hand and wrote down the rules I used ... not very "automatic" –  belisarius Jan 22 '11 at 0:14

I must say I did not understand the original question. However, while trying to understand the intriguing solution given by belisarius I came up with the following:

expr = (-1 + 1/p)^B/(-1 + (-1 + 1/p)^(A + B));


Output (as given by belisarius):

alt text




alt text



alt text

Thanks to belisarius for another nice lesson in the power of Mma.

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+1 I think teaching Mma to render your formulae in "elegant" ways is more an art than a craft. –  belisarius Jan 21 '11 at 22:09

Simplify should work, but in your case it doesn't make sense to multiply numerator and denominator by p^(A+B), it doesn't cancel denominators

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