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I'm having issues with the above permission not being set. The .NET ClickOnce deployment has been set as full trust. How can I ensure this permission is available - I thought it would be since it is full trust??

Is this possible? (The app works fine when running on desktop, just not through clickonce)

Thanks, Ross.

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I dont understand. Does your ClickOnce application install a web app? – leppie Jan 20 '11 at 6:02
I'm having the same problem (seems like the clickonce app needs the AspNetHostingPermission permission!) , did you manage to find a solution for your problem? – Dinis Cruz Mar 24 '11 at 16:22
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Full trust does not mean administrative privileges. ClickOnce applications will not run with elevated privileges. So the question is would a user with no administrative privileges have that permission?

You can start a process that prompts for elevation, but you can't prompt for elevation successfully in a ClickOnce app. What I mean is if there's something specific that you are using that permission for, make a separate exe for it, and have the ClickOnce application do a process.start on it. Windows will prompt for elevation if needed, and then run it.

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