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Ok here is my requirements:

  1. Bulk Domain Names Availability Check
  2. Check for localized and international domains e.g. .pk for pakistani domains
  3. Need to check up to 60 to 70 thousands of domains by either entering in the textfield or by loading a text file containing domain names.

I dont know basically from where to start. Please let me know some tutorials for these requirements and also if there is any good and free api to use in a Desktop Solution.


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To check mere availability, I would not use whois, but DNS. Use a DNS resolver library, and check whether you can find an NS record indicating an authorative name server for the domain. If so, the domain is registered, if you get a negative answer, is available. You need to perform whois queries only when you need to find out whom (postal address) a domain is registered to.

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my code is giving this error '{"No such host is known"}' – booota Jan 20 '11 at 9:07
@boota: if you want help with your code, you need to make it available. – Martin v. Löwis Jan 20 '11 at 16:42

I would suggest to lookout for some API of a Registrar that checks for Availability. Here is an API by

(Not sure if its Free)

or check this on

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