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i get 2 names as the output of the first query.... eg: paul,peter now this should be the input for the second query, which has to display paul's and peter's email ids....

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For nested queries I would strongly recommend WITH clause. It makes long complex queries order of magnitude easier to understand / construct / modify:

   w_users AS( -- you can name it whatever you want
      SELECT id
        FROM users
       WHERE < long condition here >
   w_other_subquery AS(
SELECT email_id
  FROM ...
 WHERE user_id IN (SELECT id FROM w_users)  
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ok thanks, will try this out! –  abhijithln Jan 20 '11 at 9:03
@abhijithln: feel free to upvote my answer, if you like it :-) –  Alexander Malakhov Jan 20 '11 at 10:15
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You can use In Command to get result ex:

SELECT  email FROM tableName WHERE (Name IN ('paul', 'peter'))
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thanks, but "paul n peter" are just examples of the output, it may vary each time.... –  abhijithln Jan 20 '11 at 6:53
get all name in variables and pass as parameter to IN Function –  Jayant Bramhankar Jan 20 '11 at 7:00
SELECT USER_ID,EMAIL_ID FROM USERS where user_id = (SELECT PRODUCT_MEMBERS FROM PRODUCT WHERE PRODUCT_NAME='ICP/RAA'); This is the actual query.... i dont know how to get them as variables.... the output of the corelated query is.... "sri,vik" now i have to take both as input for the outer query and display their email ids –  abhijithln Jan 20 '11 at 7:05
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You can use like this



Just use the IN clause '=' is used for matching one result

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