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I have a project in repository A and I'm setting up a new repository B.

I am currently using svnsync to synchronize two repositories in an effort to make a copy of the first and then I intend to remove the other projects leaving only mine behind.

I'm wondering if there is a better way wherein only my project in repository A is "exported" (along with ALL history / transactions).

I'm using svn 1.4.2 on the target system and I dont have much permission on the source system except a read/write account.

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This is what svndumpfilter is designed for. If you're not able to run it directly on the repository, first let svnsync do its job until you have a complete copy, and then perform the svnadmin dump - svndumpfilter - svnadmin load step.

For example:

svnadmin dump original_repos | svndumpfilter include myproject | svnadmin load my_repos
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thanks! did exactly that! –  siliconpi Jan 28 '11 at 0:52

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