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<%= will_paginate @semails, :renderer => 'RemoteLinkRenderer' , :remote => {
:loading => 'loadingPanel.show()',:complete => 'loadingPanel.hide()'} %>

in rails2

how to convert this to rails3 This is the routes using for rails 2 for semails

map.resources :users,
    :collection => {:uapload_avatars => :post, :aselect_friend => :get, :alist_friend => :get, :aist_moderator => :get},
    :member => {:anew_avatars => :get, :acreate_avatar => :post
     } do |user|

    user.resources :semails, :collection => { :sort => :get, :asave_draft =>  :post }


how to convert this routes in rails 3 ?

I'm facing this error

will clicking the pagination link it just redirecting to the home page is that routes issue or will paginate issue in rails 3

please help me to solve this issue

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Are you using will_paginate 3.0? github.com/mislav/will_paginate/tree/v3.0.pre2 –  Mirko Jan 20 '11 at 12:27

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I'm not 100% about the spelling but the new routes for rails would approximate something like this:

  resources :user do
    collection do
      post "uapload_avatars"
      get "aselect_friend"
    resources :semails do
      collection do
        get "sort"
        post "asave_draft"


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