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I'm quite new to CakePHP (and frameworks in general), using version 1.3, and have hit a wall that I can't seem to find a relevant/useful/clear explanation for anywhere (either in Cake's documentation, on stackoverflow, or a myriad Google searches that produced less than helpful results.) It could just be that my feeble brain needs to be spoon-fed a specific solution rather than try to piece one together from a hodgepodge of various examples, but I'm at a loss, so any help is deeply appreciated! My situation is such:

My application is for church resource management. I need to display resources to a user based on their "location" (more on this in a sec.) The way a user's location is assigned depends on which church they belong to, and in turn which district the church belongs to. The resources belong to districts, and therefore I want to show a user in District A only resources that belong to District A.

In my database I have tables for users, churches, districts, and items (aka an individual "resource"), among others, but these are the only ones relevant to my problem. As such, I have models for User, Church, District, and Item as well. Relationships are defined thusly:

District hasMany Church
District hasMany Item
Church hasMany User
Church belongsTo District
User belongsTo Church
Item belongsTo District

As you can see, there is no direct relationship defined between Item and User, but what I need to do is essentially this:

$items = $this->paginate(array('Item.district_id LIKE' => 'User.district_id'));

Clearly this does not work as intended and just results in an empty array being handed to my view.

Note that in my database the users table does not have a district_id field - all associations to a user's district are made through the User->Church.district_id relationship. I can't reference the User model in items_controller.php to get the user's district directly as it just spits out an error. I've tried using "Containable behavior" to no avail, but I have a feeling that Contain is the route I need to be taking. I just can't seem to figure out how to put it all together to make it work. Below is the relevant code that I have so far in items_controller.php - it's barebones at the moment as I'm just trying to get it to only list the relevant items...I'll include the search and everything else later. I just need to know I can get it working at the most basic level at the moment.


function admin_manager() {
    $this->paginate['Item'] = array(
        'contain' => array('User'),
        'order' => 'Item.name'
    $items = $this->paginate(array('Item.district_id LIKE' => 'User.district_id'));
    $this->set('items', $items);

Thanks so much for your help, and I humbly ask that you be as specific as possible with any examples.

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Why does your User model have a district_id? If User belongsTo Church belongsTo District hasMany Item then your User would have a church_id (assuming User hasOne Church).

Then you could try this:

$conditions = array('Item.district_id'=>'Church.district_id','User.church_id'=>'Church.id');
$this->set('items',$this->paginate($this->Item->District->Church, $conditions));
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