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I have subclassed a UIScrollView. How do i implement the zoom functionality on detecting a two finger swipe? I also want to detect single finger swipe.

EDIT: I have subclassed a UIScrollView and I am currently able to detect single finger swipes there. I want to implement my own "pinch to zoom" functionality to this custom ScrollView.

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You can check this tutorial here. This is for a 2 finger swipe.

For 1 finger swipe check [[event allTouches] count] value. If this is 1 than use the same functionality as shown in tutorial.

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Nope, I do not want to detect swipe gestures on a UIView. I want to achieve this in a custom UISCrollView and implement my own "pinch to zoom". –  B K Feb 9 '11 at 9:30
@ParkyPrg: Please summarize the important bits of the tutorial in your answer. Linking the tutorial is fine, but SO should be a place where one can find quick answers, without needing to go to other sites, watch videos or similar. A good SO answer should actually contain the answer! Thanks. –  Olie Jul 4 '11 at 19:00
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