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I implemented internationalization into my JSF app as described here.

But I encountered a problem: When I change the locale all the texts on my page change. But then if I click a navigation-link to get to another page the locale jumps back to standard locale!

I think I miss something here. So I provide my code below and hope you can help:

    public class LocaleBean {

    private Locale locale = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getViewRoot().getLocale();

    public Locale getLocale() {
        return locale;

    public void setLanguage(String language) {
        locale = new Locale(language);

    public String getLanguage() {
        return locale.getLanguage();

JSF Part (it's part of my template):

    <h:outputText value=" #{text['common.language']}: " /> 
        <h:selectOneMenu value="#{locale.language}" onchange="submit()">
            <f:selectItem itemValue="de" itemLabel="Deutsch" />
            <f:selectItem itemValue="en" itemLabel="English" />


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

I then from the tutorial and only changed bundle-path.

Here my directory:

If something important is missing ask for it please.

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FacesContext is request scoped instance. so your value would be set for that particular request only.

add on xhtml

<f:view locale="#{locale.locale}">


Register a view Handler
in faces-config.xml



public class MyLocaleViewHandler extends ViewHandler {

    private final ViewHandler base;

    public Locale calculateLocale(FacesContext context) {
      //fetch the session scoped bean and return the
      LocaleBean bean = (LocaleBean ) context.getExternalContext().getRequest().getSession().getAttribute("locale");//this line is not tested.
      return locale;
      //other stuff..

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