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I want to use Hunch on Google App Engine in Python. What libraries do I need to use to do this or are there any good online tutorials that could help me with this?

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I would start from the API Overview documentation of the official site.

Basically Hunch API calls are authenticated GET or POST HTTP requests where the returned values are JSON encoded.

get the list of the top recommended movies:

get-recommendation is just one of the many available routes that Hunch API offers; to get an overview of all the available methods, have fun playing with the API console.

On google App Engine you would need:

Here are a couple of Hunch GAE projects that should help you to get started:

As referenced by gleitz, you can find a Python wrapper here.

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Recently, mnn2104 wrote a Python wrapper for the Hunch API called HunchPY.

As for tutorials, a good place to start is the the Hunch Developer homepage and Hunch's Github profile.

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