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I've got one long GridView control on ma website. It allows row selection. The problem is, when I scroll down this GridView and select some of the bottom rows the selection occurs, but whole GridView is scrolling back to top. Does enyone know how to avoid this?

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If it's happening during a postback, then in your <%@ Page %> directive you can add the following:


This was added in .NET 2.0, and adds some JavaScript to the page to ensure that the page scrolls back down to the control that caused the postback.

Works a treat.

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If you're stuck with .NET 1.1 there's a way of doing this called SmartNavigation, but it only really works in IE. – Richard Gadsden Feb 4 '09 at 17:56

I've found another solution. If you have GridView inside scrollable div container I recommend this: Maintain Scroll Position of DIV

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Is it reloading the whole page after selecting the rows ? If so, try to put the GridView in an UpdatePanel, so that the event is sent to the server without actually reloading the whole page.

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