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Whenever I run a script importing packages with import in RPy2 in Python, there are always some extra lines popping up in the console. I pasted in an example below. How can I suppress that behavior?

CookieJar:r cookies$ python script.py 

    ‘tseries’ version: 0.10-24

    ‘tseries’ is a package for time series analysis and computational

    See ‘library(help="tseries")’ for details.
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You could temporarily redirect the output stream to a blackhole just before the spammy peice of code.

import sys

class Blackhole(object):

    def write(self, string):

stdout = sys.stdout
sys.stdout = Blackhole()


sys.stdout = stdout
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In your R script, I would preload the tseries package (just in case if its called by some other functio/package) using

require(tseries, quietly = TRUE)
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Besides require(tseries, quietly = TRUE) and using sink(), or its Python equivalent, there is also the simple

suppressMessages( library( tseries ))

which I prefer.

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