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I have a PNG that comes in to help read the menu on hover, but the fade wont work on IE, It works great in Chrome and Firefox, I have used PNG-24 as well and PNG-8 nothing is working

$(function() {
      $('#gradient').animate({ "opacity": 0 });

        $('#menu').hover(function() {
            $('#gradient').removeClass('hidden').animate({opacity: '1'}, 400);
        }, function() {
            $('#gradient').animate({filter: '0'}, 400);
    });    </script>
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IE at least older versions has serious problems combining PNG transparency and CSS transparency.

I think this is fixed in IE9 but I am not sure.

Each on their own works fine but not on the same image object.

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IE8 and lower do not support the standard CSS opacity attribute.

It does support an alternative method of opacity, using the IE-specific filter attribute, but it is a lot more complex to work with than opacity, since filter deals with a whole range of effects.

However, since you're using JQuery, why don't you use the built-in .fadeIn() and .fadeOut() effects instead - that way, JQuery does all the work for you, including working out how to change the opacity in the browser it's in.


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i switched the code to $(document).ready(function() { $('#menu').hover(function() { $('#gradient').fadeIn('slow'); }, function() { $('#gradient').fadeOut('fast'); }); }); but it still doesnt fade – goetzs Jan 20 '11 at 11:25

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