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I just have a List<> and I would like to add an item to this list but at the first position. List.add() add the item at the last.. How can I do that?.. Thanks for help!

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List<T>.Insert(0, item);
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Something like:

 myList.Insert(0, item);

This does involve shifting the List internally so if you do this a lot (ie only add to the front) you might consider using a Stack<T> or a regular List that you read backwards or reverse at some opportune moment.

I would stay away from LinkedList (as long as i could).

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Use List.Insert(0, ...). But are you sure a LinkedList isn't a better fit? Each time you insert an item into an array at a position other than the array end, all existing items will have to be copied to make space for the new one.

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Use Insert method: list.Insert(0, item);

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Use List<T>.Insert(0, item) or a LinkedList<T>.AddFirst().

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You do that by inserting into position 0:

List myList = new List();
myList.Insert(0, "test");
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Of course, Insert or AddFirst will do the trick, but you could always do:

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List<T> doesn't have a AddFirst. –  Martin Buberl Jan 20 '11 at 10:43
Let me clarify - this is not a serious response, just a lame effort at a geek joke. –  SWeko Jan 20 '11 at 10:45

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