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Can you recommend resources to learn msdeploy? Books, blogs or other formats welcome.

Bonus points will be awarded for information focused at deploying to IIS 6 and inserting the SVN revision number into the packaged files.

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There is lots of reference documentation for command line use of the Web Deploy tool on TechNet. For practical how-to’s IIS.NET is the place to go.

Unfortunately, there's very little documentation on how to customize the deployment package during from the build. So, I've posted an article on my blog about my own findings while preping a project for deployment with Web Deploy recently.

It contains links to other articles as well as how to implement common deployment requirements, including some handling of version / build numbers.

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I've blogged about how to use MSDeploy to deploy a web application to IIS from TeamCity.

Web Deploy (MS Deploy) from TeamCity -

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Sayed Hashimi is my go to guy for all things MSBuild and MSDeploy: Hashimi's Blog

and a number of interesting articles here:Vishal Joshi's Blog

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