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I am having a case in which I need to generate two CSharp code files with pretty the same code but different namespace of the input and output types of the methods. In fact each file is for a specific country and the types come from country specific WSDL's.

I am writing some wrappers around the services and the logic is exactly the same but the types automatically generated from WSDL's are different. How could I reduce the coding effort and write the logic at one place and get it generated for two different sets of types?

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or you could use the T4 Toolbox and use the helpers to generate multiple files. -> Blog post with explanation.

Or if you don't want this dependency just for this functionality, you can use the T4 file MultiOutput.tt that you can find here with explanation.

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Thanks the link was useful. At least I realised that it is possible to get multiple output files from one template. –  Rez.Net Feb 7 '11 at 23:39

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