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My proplem is that I have a open socket in my server side code (written php) and I need to trasform this socket to use TLS, with negotiation and decription of the stream before passing it to the already existing code that work with a clear stream without encryption. What is the simplest solution to archive this?

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PHP supports TLS/SSL listening using a stream context. Something like this should work:

$listenstr = "tls://";


$s = stream_socket_server($listenstr,$errno,$errstr,STREAM_SERVER_BIND|STREAM_SERVER_LISTEN,$ctx);
$conn = stream_socket_accept($s);
// do stuff with your new connection here 
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PHP does not support listening SSL/TLS sockets. The best solution is using stunnel and make the socket listen only on localhost (if you don't want to allow unencrypted access).

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